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shop.figuraata.com terms of use
Last updated on 04.02.2021

1.1 Web Store - operating e-shop at shop.figuraata.com
1.2 Customer - a physical or legal person who purchases Products from the Web Store.
1.3 Seller - Figuraata OÜ, registry code: 10389466, Jõe 11 B, Räpina, Põlvamaa, Estonia. info@figuraata.com
1.4 Order - a purchase order submitted by the Customer in the Web Store
1.5 Goods / Products / Product - products that the Seller sells in the Web Store.
1.6 Terms of Use - present Terms.

2.1 The Terms of Use apply to the purchase of Products from the Web Store and regulate the legal relations that arise between the Seller and the Customer.
2.2 By submitting the Order, the Customer agrees with the provisions of the Terms of Use.
2.3 The Customer can save and/or print the Terms of Use before placing the Order.
2.4 The Seller has the right unilaterally to change and supplement the Terms of Use by publishing new Terms of Use on the Internet address shop.figuraata.com.
2.5 The Terms of Use are valid until the new Terms of Use are published. The Terms of Use valid at the time of placing the Order apply to the legal relationship between the Customer and the Seller.
2.6 The Terms of Use are made in Estonian. When you change the display language of the Web Store, the Terms of Use will also be displayed in that language. In the event of any inconsistencies or misinterpretations in the Terms of Use in different languages, the Estonian version of the Terms of Use shall prevail.
2.7 According to § 53 (4) 4) of the Law of Obligations Act, the 14-day right of withdrawal does not apply.
2.8 Contact details of the Web Store's customer service: e-mail info@figuraata.com.

3.1 The prices of the Products are in euros and include VAT. The Seller has the right to change the prices of the Products at any time. The Customer has no right to demand compensation for the price difference.
3.2 The unit price of the Products is always displayed to the Customer.
3.3 The Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ slightly from the actual Product.
3.4 Delivery costs:
3.4.1 A delivery fee of 7.99 € will be added to the purchase amount up to 40.00 €. Name of home delivery: a small order.
3.4.2 A delivery fee of 3.99 € will be added to the purchase amount up to 75.00 € Name of home delivery: an average order.
3.4.2 The delivery fee is not added to the purchase amount that is more than 75.00 €. Home delivery name: a large order.

4.1 Payment is made in euros.
4.2 The Customer selects the desired Products from the Web Store and adds them to the shopping cart.

4.3 The Customer fills in the required data fields.
4.4 The Customer chooses the delivery method of the order.
4.5 The Customer confirms the shopping cart and pays for the Products with a bank link 
(Maksekeskus.ee), by transfer. Before paying the invoice, the Customer checks that the information provided in the invoice corresponds to the Customer's actual request. 
4.6 The list of home delivery orders is locked every Tuesday at 08:00.

4.7 Paying on payment platform:
4.7.1 After paying for the Products, the Customer must click on the link "Back to the merchant".
4.7.2 The Seller will send a confirmation and invoice to the Customer by e-mail regarding the receipt of the order and payment.
4.7.3 The sales contract between the Seller and the Customer shall enter into force upon purchase amount paid by the Customer in full to the Seller's current account.
4.7.4 The Seller will refund money to the Customer within 14 days at the latest for the Products that cannot be delivered to the Customer
4.7.5 All refunds made by the Seller in accordance with the Terms of Use will be made to the same account of the Customer from which the Order was paid.

5.1 The Order can be withdrawn before the Products have been shipped.
5.2 According to § 53 (4) 4) of the Law of Obligations Act, the 14-day right of withdrawal does not apply.

6.1 I pick up the Products myself:
6.1.1 Delivery of Products on site takes place at the address Jõe 11B, Räpina, Põlvamaa.
6.1.2 It is possible to pick up the Products at Mon-Fri 09:00 - 16:00.
6.1.3 The ordered Products will be received on site after placing the order within 48 hours.
6.1.4 Ordered Products can be received providing the order number.
6.1.5 The delivery fee will not be added when picking up.
6.1.6 If the Customer does not pick up the Products within 14 working days, the Customer will be considered to have withdrawn from the contract. We will refund immediately the purchase amount of orders that were not picked up, but not later than within 14 working days, to the same account from which the Order was paid for.

6.2 Home delivery:
6.2.1 The list of home delivery orders is locked every Tuesday at 08:00
6.2.2 Home delivery takes place all over the Estonian mainland, Hiiumaa and Saaremaa. There is no home delivery to small Estonian islands.
6.2.3 After the sales contract enters into force, the Web Store will complete the order and hand it over on Tuesday to the company's logistics partner for delivery.
6.2.3 The maximum delivery time is 2-4 working days from the time the order list is locked. This means that orders placed after Tuesday will arrive next week.
6.2.4 So that orders could reach the Customer on time, true and valid data should be provided when placing an order.
6.2.5 The Web Store is not responsible for the delay in delivery of the Products if the Products have been delivered to the logistics partners on time, but the delay in delivery is due to circumstances that the Web Store could not influence or foresee.
6.2.6 The risk of damage or loss of the products passes to the Customer upon receiving of the Order.
6.2.7 Upon delivery of the order, the Customer has immediately to check the conformity of the delivered Products to the submitted order. The Customer is obliged to notify the courier of the non-compliance of the order (eg Products are in defective or broken packaging, non-ordered Products, unsuitable replacement Products, etc.) and return the Products that do not comply with the Order to the courier immediately. Otherwise, the Order is considered fulfilled immediately.

7.1 The chief processor of personal data in Web Store shop.figuraata.ee is Figuraata OÜ, (registry code: 10389466) located at Jõe 11 B, Räpina, Põlvamaa, Estonia. info@figuraata.com
7.2 Figuraata OÜ forwards the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor Maksekeskus AS
7.3 Processing of personal data

8.1 The Customer and the Seller are liable to each other for the damage caused to the other party by the violation of these Terms and conditions in the cases and to the extent provided by the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.
8.2 The Seller will not be liable for damages caused to the Customer if the damage is caused by a circumstance which the Seller could not influence, did not foresee or could not have foreseen (force majeure).

9.1. In matters not regulated in these Terms and conditions of sale, the Customer and the Seller will be guided by the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.
9.2. Disagreements and disputes arising from the fulfillment of these conditions shall be settled by the parties primarily through negotiations. If the disputes cannot be resolved through negotiations between the parties, both the Customer and the Seller have the right to turn to the Consumer Protection Authority or the Court to protect their rights.