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About us

OÜ Figuraata facilities

We started collecting horticultural and forest products already in 1998. At that time, there were many berry and mushroom pickers around Räpina, Võru and Põlva, but there was no opportunity or place to sell the products at a reasonable price. So we launched several buying locations. As our buying volumes increased, we installed larger cooling chambers in the early 2000s and freezers in 2005. Consistent compliance with quality requirements made it possible to start cross-border trade with the Nordic countries.

We currently buy 100-200 tons of forest products a year from Estonia and abroad (Sweden, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania). When stocking, we avoid accepting damaged goods and in our stocking area we teach pickers how to avoid mistakes when picking. We use both refrigeration and freezer warehouses for storage. In order to have correct logistics and ensure the cold chain in Estonia, we have cars with freezers. In the case of product export, we also order the service from transport companies that own refrigerated trucks. We follow the entire product chain according toHACCPfood safety requirements.

In addition to forestry, we also accept garden products (blackcurrant, redcurrant, garden strawberries, garden raspberries, sea buckthorn). At Christmas we make sauerkraut, the raw materials of which we source from local farmers. In addition to other products, we have expanded the range of our products with spruce tips, which are harvested mildly from our forests.

So far, we have marketed horticultural and forest products mainly to foreign countries. Italy, France, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Indonesia are represented. Recently, several Estonian entrepreneurs, who value local high-quality raw materials, have started purchasing our goods. The main customers are several dealers, the jam and canning industries and wholesale warehouses.

In addition to sales, we also offer goods storage services (freezer, cold storage) to other manufacturers operating nearby.

Our priority is quality and a customer-friendly attitude, we try to meet the needs of consumers and find the most suitable form of cooperation - be it packaging, transport or some other important aspect. In our activities, we are environmentally friendly, use as much recyclable packaging as possible and limit the consumption of purchased energy. During the summer the most of the electricity used in our production process, is produced by our own solar panels.